Best Dog Food for Mini Schnauzer (For A Happy And Healthy Dog)

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Mini schnauzers are loving and affectionate dogs, making them one of the most sought-after breeds. But keeping them healthy is another different game that requires your effort.

Vet-approved nutritious dog food will boost your canine friend’s overall immunity and keep it happy. By feeding yours with high-quality proteins, carbohydrates for energy, and natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals, you are playing your part in keeping it healthy and active.

But with differences between the delicate systems of the miniature schnauzers, the market is constantly expanding with new products that offer a more personalized diet by catering to the dog’s specific needs.

So we have compiled a list of six best dog foods for mini schnauzer to help you identify the most suitable meal for your dog.

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Top Picks Top Ingredients
#1. Royal Canin Dog Food Oat groats, brown rice, fish oil, chicken fat, wheat gluten, corn gluten meal, vegetable oil, trace minerals, and more.
#2. Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food Whole grains, fruit, garden vegetables, chondroitin, glucosamine, L-Carnitine, and carbohydrates 
#3. Wellness Dry Dog Food Turkey, oatmeal, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, probiotics, fiber, vitamin A & calcium.
#4. Instinct Raw Boost Dog Food Cage-free chicken, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, natural meat, and whole food.
#5. Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food Chicken, whole grain sorghum, whole grain brown rice, whole grain oatmeal, split peas, dried coconut, chia seed, dried pumpkin, brewers rice, chicken fat, and more.
#6. Orijen Small Breed Dog Food Quail, chicken, turkey, whole red lentils, dehydrated chicken, chicken fat, whole green lentils, whole pears, whole pinto beans, whole blue whiting, lentil fiber.


1. Best Overall: Royal Canin Dog Food


Here is a dog food explicitly intended to meet the nutritional needs of miniature schnauzers ten months and older – Royal Canin mini schnauzer adult dog food.

With the mini schnauzer’s sensitive skin in mind, the recipe contains tons of soothing and nourishing nutrients like EPA, DHA, and vitamin A, which promote incredible skin pH. Furthermore, glucosamine and chondroitin support the puppy’s joint health.

The exclusive small-shaped kibbles are designed for the mini schnauzer’s blunt muzzle and scissor bite, making it easy to pick up and chew them.

This dog food’s tailored levels of amino acids help maintain the mini schnauzer’s signature vibrant coat.

Royal Canin also promotes weight control, applying appropriately balanced formulas to help maintain an ideal weight.

2. Runner’s Up: Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Foods features real meat as the first ingredient. It also contains whole grains, fruit, and garden vegetables.

This high-quality protein food containing real deboned chicken will help your senior dog build and maintain healthy muscles.

The Blue Buffalo dog food contains chondroitin and glucosamine to support your mini schnauzer’s joint health and overall mobility.

Essential proteins, L-Carnitine, and carbohydrates help maintain your dog’s energy requirements for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The food’s rich blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and chelated minerals is carefully selected by holistic animal nutritionists and veterinarians to support your mini schnauzer’s immune system health, life stage needs, and oxidative balance.

If your dog feeds only on natural foods, blue dry dog food is made for them. Blue Buffalo contains no corn, artificial flavors, soy, wheat, preservatives, or chicken (or poultry) by-product meals made with the finest natural ingredients.

3. Best Value: Wellness Dry Dog Food

This small adult breed dry dog food is designed to support the unique health needs of small-sized mini schnauzers through high-quality protein and nutrient-rich whole foods – turkey and oatmeal.

The high-quality protein caters to the young pup’s high energy demands, while nutrient-rich oatmeal promotes optimal calorie levels for ideal body weight.

Other ingredients include antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and glucosamine. These ingredients are carefully balanced to encourage healthy oxidative balance, improved skin health, and a robust immune system.

Probiotics and fiber present in the food ensure that your dog’s digestive health is in check. It also contains vitamin A and calcium for healthy eyes and strong teeth.

This crunchy kibble has no fillers, GMOs, meat by-products, or artificial preservatives. Overall, Wellness dry dog food is quality and worthy choice for your mini schnauzer’s diet.

4. Best Grain-Free: Instinct Raw Boost Dog Food

Up next is the Instinct Raw Boost natural dry dog food, which combines high protein, grain-free kibble with bites of natural freeze-dried raw chicken. The number one ingredient in the meal is cage-free chicken.

This option offers complete and balanced nutrition for all dogs, including small breeds, toy breeds, puppies, and seniors.

While growing, mini schnauzers are prone to stomach problems, so Raw Boost added probiotics to its foods to help your little companion’s digestion.

Omega fatty acids and antioxidants ensure the dog’s skin and coat health and gut health are always in order.

Made without potato, grain, corn, soy, soy, by-product meal, preservatives, or artificial colors, you can be sure whatever your dog eats is beneficial to its well-being.

The Raw Boost dog food is made with pure, natural meat and whole food ingredients, which are minimally processed to provide your mini schnauzer with food in its most raw and original state.

5. Best Natural Ingredients: Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food

Treat your paw-tner to a high-quality, natural, nutrient-rich meal with the Nutro Natural Choice large breed adult dry dog food.

The first ingredient to this delicious meal is a high-quality protein source made with recognizable and natural ingredients from trusted suppliers.

The high-quality protein source in the chicken is designed to help keep your large-sized breed dog trim and fit and help in muscle development.

The natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine support healthy joints, while natural fiber helps with digestion needs, and essential antioxidants strengthen the mini schnauzer’s immune system.

It is made without any GMO ingredient, chicken by-product meal, wheat, soy, or corn so that you can feed your dog with the confidence of a flavorful and nutrient-rich meal.

6. Best For Puppies: Orijen Small Breed Dog Food

The Orijen dog food is specifically meant for smaller dogs. It comprises chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, quail, and cage-free eggs.

The meal provides nourishing protein and nutrients in a kibble shape, making eating easy. It is formulated with balanced nutrition to maintain energy, promote good health and maintain a healthy weight.


The lutein-enriched eggs help maintain healthy eyes and antioxidants to achieve and maintain an optimal oxidation level.


Not only does the Orijen kibble serve high-quality protein, but the list of healthy fruits and vegetables is also impressive; pumpkins, lentils, apples, cranberries, and pears ensure that the supply of much-needed vitamins is made sure.


The grain-free recipe makes this a perfect choice for dogs with sensitivities and allergies.

Final Word


There are a lot of dog foods available on the market today. Choosing a mini schnauzer’s meal has never been this challenging.


Before choosing the dog food, some factors to consider include dog activity, dental health, and allergies or sensitivities.


With this article on best dog food for mini schnauzer, it’s now up to you to choose for your buddy the meal that will see them grow happily and healthily!


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I love Jacklin, my Mini Schnauzer – I mean how can you not??
But there are some challenges and questions come up, so here’s what I discovered about her and her special kind.

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