6 Best Allergy Tests for Dogs (That Save Your Time and Money)

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Dogs are part of our extended family, and you wouldn’t want to see your dog in discomfort as a dog owner. If your dog is experiencing a stomach upset or constantly scratching itself, that may be an allergic reaction, and you, therefore, need to get the best allergy test for your dog.

Allergy tests are crucial for your dog because you can adjust their environment or diet and find treatment as a solution. Below is a review of the best allergy tests for dogs that you can consider.

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Quick Glance: Best Allergy Test Kits for Dogs

# Products Best for
1. 5Strands Pet Best for food and environmental test
2. Allergy Test My Test Best saliva test
3. 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test Best food test
4. 5Strands Pet Health Test Best multiple tests
5. UCARI Pet Sensitivity and Intolerance Test Kit Best for fast results
6. 5Strands Pet Nutrition Imbalance Test Best pet nutrition imbalance test only

Best Allergy Test for Dogs – Top 6 Picks

1. Best for Food and Environmental Test: 5Strands Pet 

If your dog is experiencing an upset stomach, scratching, or biting its paws, 5Strands pet food and environmental tests determine what your dog is intolerant of.

The 5Strands pet standard package offers to test most 380 dog food ingredients and environmental items, including preservatives, proteins, seafood, fruits, grains, chemicals, additives, meal, plants, grass, and fabrics.

This test uses bio-resonance technology to scan your dog’s hair using 10-25 strands of hair to provide an easy-to-read and extensive report of what is causing discomfort to your dog.

5Strands sends you the results within 5-7 working days, accompanied by an elimination guide with a list of intolerances to eliminate in your dog’s diet or environment.

2. Best Saliva Test: Allergy Test My Pet

This allergy test kit measures the number of proteins collected in your pet’s sample using a sample collection device.

The allergy test is up to 150 food items and environmental factors that your dog may have intolerance and sensitivity to and hence cause allergies to your pet.

The test results come out between 2-3 weeks or less and provide a full report on supplements, common foods, household cleaners, and environmental factors that may be causing discomfort for your dog.

This test analyzes 150 environmental and food items that your dog may be allergic to, and the test also comes with recommendations for safe food for your dog and the items you should get rid of from the diet.

3. Best Food Test: 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test

This allergy test from 5Strands offers to test more than 275 commercial dog food ingredients like grains, proteins, preservatives, additives, vegetables, meats, seafood, and fruits.

5Strands analyzes the hair strands of your dog using bio-resonance technology to determine the kind of food that is causing discomfort in the gut microbiome of your dog.

After you send the home sample collection kit to the 5Strands, the results will be out within 5-7 working days, and together with the results, you will get an instant elimination guide indicating the type of food you will eliminate from the diet of your dog to get rid of the discomfort.

4. Best Multiple Test: 5Strands Pet Health Test

5Strands Pet Deluxe Package involves four kinds of tests: food intolerance, Nutrition test, environmental intolerance, metal, and mineral test.

5Strands test 10-15 strands of your dog’s hair using bioresonance technology to provide a detailed report on the results within 5-7 days on which food to eliminate from your dog’s diet. 

More than 250 tests are done for food intolerance, including vegetables, grains, proteins, fruits, preservatives, additives, seafood, and fats.

For the environmental test, more than 100 items are analyzed: cleaning supplies, fabrics, mold, grasses, trees, chemicals, and animal danger.

The nutrition test results will indicate the vitamins and minerals your dog’s body is not absorbing well from their supplements or food.

And finally, metal and mineral test results will only indicate your dog’s ability to process and eliminate all the items under test.

5. Best for Fast Results: UCARI Pet Sensitivity and Intolerance Test Kit

This home test analyzes how food and environment affect your pet. More than 1000 possible intolerances are tested with more than 350 foods, more than 300 environmental factors, more than 100 pet care ingredients, and more than 400 nutritional imbalances.

UCARI’s sensitivity tests are done on pollen, grass, and fabric, while intolerance tests are done on shellfish, beef, and gluten.

UCARI uses pet hair for testing using bio-resonance testing technology to test for sensitivity and intolerance. The tests are ready after 24-48 hours, color-coded for easy reading, and are accompanied by a guide to help you create effective nutrition.

6. Best Pet Nutrition Imbalance Test Only: 5 Strands Pet Nutrition Imbalance Test

The 5Strands pet nutrition imbalance test is done using your pet’s 10-15 strands of hair using the bioresonance technology to provide detailed and easy-to-read results.

Nutrition imbalance occurs when you feed your dog poor quality commercial dry food, and your dog will experience inflammation, hair loss, and joint pain.

The test results are complete within 5-7 days, and the tests indicate your dog’s ability to process and absorb the 40 items. 

The test report comes with a guide of highlighted items that are not well processed and absorbed; hence, you should immediately remove such items from your dog’s diet and feed on whole foods.

Final Words

From the above, we have reviewed some of the best allergy tests for dogs on the market for you to narrow down your search. Most dogs’ allergies are caused by their diet or environment.

 Most dogs experience allergies in the form of inflammation, upset stomach, vomiting, sneezing, swelling, itching, ear infections, red skin, and runny eyes.

As a dog owner, you must dig deep and find the root of your dog’s allergic problem to get rid of their discomfort by getting the right allergic test kit for the tests, which will give you the way forward to getting rid of the allergy.

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