Your Mini Schnauzer is Prone to Seizures (What to Do)

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Are you wondering what you can do to help your adorable mini schnauzer if they are diagnosed with seizures? As a pet owner, there is nothing more upsetting and terrifying than when something goes wrong with our furry family members. Seizures in dogs—especially lively breeds like the mini schnauzer—can be especially concerning.

Fortunately, this condition doesn’t have to ruin your beloved pup’s life; by understanding the causes of seizures and following some specific home-care guidelines from vet professionals, you can ensure you are doing all that you reasonably can for your pup.

Read on to learn more about why mini schnauzers may be prone to seizures – as well as how to recognize them and provide proper care for these special little fur babies.

Why is my mini schnauzer having seizures?

If your mini schnauzer has been experiencing seizures, it is important to identify the cause. Seizures can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, medication side effects, toxins, metabolic issues, and infections.

It can be alarming to witness a seizure because it can involve either small or large episodes of uncontrolled muscle spasms and often include changes in consciousness. To ensure an accurate diagnosis of the source of the seizures, it is important to speak with your veterinarian about obtaining further testing.

Your veterinarian may decide to perform physical exams, blood tests, urine tests, and brain imaging like MRIs or CT scans. With this combination of tests, it will hopefully be determined why your mini schnauzer is having seizures and exactly how best to treat it.

What causes schnauzer seizures?

Schnauzer seizures are a common neurological disorder that can cause extreme distress to both pet owners and their beloved companions. The exact cause of such seizures is generally unknown, however, there are a variety of factors that may be involved.

Potential triggers of schnauzer seizures include head trauma, toxins or drugs, hypoglycemia, low oxygen levels in the blood, electrolyte imbalances, or any type of infection which can result in inflammation of the brain.

Additionally, some breed-specific genetic conditions may make schnauzers more vulnerable to seizures as well. Knowing what potential contributors may result in this affliction can be vital for effectively diagnosing and treating your dog.

Are mini schnauzers prone to seizures?

When it comes to the topic of seizures, no dog is completely free from risk. Mini schnauzers are considered a low-risk breed when it comes to seizure disorders though, making them an attractive pet for families looking for a pup that won’t experience potentially dangerous seizure episodes.

This doesn’t mean that seizures can’t occur though; in fact, it’s important for owners of mini schnauzers to be aware of the symptoms and signs that their pup may be at risk of having one. Luckily, most seizures in this breed are easy to control with proper medication and vet treatment.

It’s worth knowing the risks and taking preventive measures since seizures can come with serious health consequences if not managed properly.

How do I stop my dog from having mini seizures?

If your dog is experiencing mini seizures, it is important to speak to your veterinarian right away. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available that can reduce the frequency and severity of these episodes.

There are also steps you can take at home—such as making sure your pup remains hydrated, providing plenty of physical activity, limiting stressors in their environment, and providing them with high-quality nutrition—to help keep seizures at bay.

Additionally, if your vet prescribes medication for this condition, make sure you follow their instructions carefully and administer the appropriate dosage prescribed. Taking action right away can help ensure seizures are kept to a minimum for your furry family member.

What foods trigger seizures in dogs?

With the right diet, seizures can be managed in dogs. Unfortunately, some food items may trigger seizures in our canine friends. When it comes to foods that can cause seizures in dogs, a few of the more common ingredients to avoid are grapes and raisins, additives like garlic powder and onion powder, processed meats laced with nitrates or chemicals, chocolate, any food containing caffeine, and alcohol or sugary drinks or snacks.

It’s important to discuss your pet’s dietary needs with their vet since there can vary between breeds and individual situations. Give them a healthy diet by avoiding the foods listed above, so you can keep their risk of seizures under control.


Seizures can be terrifying for both you and your Mini Schnauzer, but there are ways to help reduce the severity and frequency of these episodes. With regular vet visits and drugs as prescribed, as well as by making sure your pet is getting enough exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of love and attention, you can potentially prevent seizures in your Mini Schnauzer or at least reduce their severity.

As long as you’re proactive about taking the proper steps with your pet’s care, there’s no reason why a few seizures should keep you from enjoying life with this amazing breed! At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that seizures don’t define your pup – they’re just another hurdle that can be overcome with the right care.

So don’t be afraid to show some extra love and attention to your Mini Schnauzer; it could make all the difference!

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