7 Best Car Accessories for Dogs (For Added Comfort)

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Before you hit the roads with your dog, you must ensure that you have all the car accessories he needs to feel safe and comfortable. To ensure your dog feels the adventure of road trips, you need to have the best car accessories for dogs on board.

Luckily, there are so many car accessories on the market to make your dog stay in one place while traveling in the car instead of roaming on the floors or rolling down the car windows.

Below is a review of the best car accessories to ensure your dog is happy during your trip.

Summary: 7 Best Car Accessories for Dogs


# Products Best for
1. Frisco Quilted Hammock Car Seat Cover Best easy to install
2. Mighty Paw Dog Vehicle Safety Belt Best adjustable
3. Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat Best for easy storage
4. SlowTone Dog Car Headrest Restraint Best for night visibility
5. PetSafe Metal Dog Barrier Best for easy assembling
6. SP Dog and Cat Car Seat Crate Best for easy access
7. Arf Pets SUV Cargo Liner Best Waterproof


1. Best Easy to Install: Frisco Quilted Hammock Car Seat Cover

This seat cover from Frisco is built with adjustable straps for a perfect and secure fit and is designed to fit most car models.

The seat cover is durable because it’s built with quilted, heavy-duty oxford polyester to provide enough protection to your car floors and seats from stains or water spills.

It is quick and easy to install the cover, as you only loop the adjustable straps around the headrest, push the inbuilt cover anchored via seat gaps, and finally adjust the seatbelts.

The seat cover has two handy pockets where you can store snacks for your dog. Besides, the cover is easy to wash as you can clean it with a washing machine.

2. Best Adjustable: Mighty Paw Dog Vehicle Safety Belt

This safety belt from Mighty Paw is attached directly to the safety latch in the backseat’s crease instead of attaching it to the seatbelt because your dog might step on it and release itself while you are busy driving.

It is durable as it is made from thick and weather-proof nylon metal to ensure that this safety belt does not wear out so fast.

The seat belt straps are adjustable from 16 to 18 inches to ensure your dog stays comfortable throughout the journey.

The belt has a swivel-free attachment to allow your dog to move freely without getting trapped.

3. Best for Easy Storage: Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat

This comfy booster seat from Kurgo allows you to elevate your dog by up to 30 pounds to view the outside from the window while you take on the wheels.

The seat booster has an adjustable seat belt attached to its harness so that your dog does not jump out of the booster seat.

This seat booster is supported by a metal that easily folds for easy storage when the seat booster is not in use.

The unique design of this seat booster allows you to install it quickly, either in the front or back of the bucket seat.

4. Best for Night visibility: SlowTone Dog Car Headrest Restraint

This Headrest restraint seat belt from SlowTone attaches your dog’s harness to the headrest of most vans, cars, or trucks to secure your pet.

The seatbelt is made with a reflective nylon material that is visible during the night walks with your dog.

It has an elastic bungee that prevents your dog from suddenly jerking forward, assisting your pal in laying down comfortably.

The seatbelt can also act as a regular leash by adjusting the length of the seatbelt to secure your dog’s harness.

5. Best for Easy Assembling: PetSafe Metal Dog Barrier

The metal dog barrier from PetSafe assembles and disassembles quickly so you can get on with your trip and also comes with a storage pouch where you can store your metal barrier after disassembling.

This tubular metal barrier provides a visible view to enable you to see what is happening in the backseat, and your dog can still see you in the front seat.

The dog barrier is adjustable to fit in most SUVs or even cars and features rubber stoppers to prevent the barrier from slipping and damaging your car.

The barrier is built with a rattle-free design, producing minimum noise in case your dog scratches the barrier.

6. Best for Easy Access: SP Dog and Cat Car Seat Crate

SP Dog and Cat crate have two openings with mesh paneling to provide a view for your dog during the entire road trip.

The two crate openings have security leash clips that hold the door in place to prevent the dog from escaping from the crate.

The entire Dog and Cat crate fold flat for storage when not in use. The durable side doors allow easy access when keeping or moving your dog inside the crate.

7. Best Waterproof: Arf Pets SUV Cargo Liner

This Arf cargo liner has multiple layers of waterproof polyurethane materials that create a barrier against spills, nail scratches, or pet hair.

The bottom of this liner is non-slip, helping to keep the liner in place, and the super soft padding on the top helps keep your dog comfortable during the ride.

The liner is easy to install as it has two reinforced straps attached to the quick-release headrest.

This cargo liner from Arf Pets measures 85 by 55 inches to fit into most standard vehicles when riding with your dog.

Final Words

Now that you have a variety of car accessories for dogs, it’s your turn to choose the best accessory that will make your dog comfortable, safe, and happy during your road trip.

It’s always fun and sometimes hard to take your dog along on a road trip, but with all the above car accessories, there is nothing that can cut off the fun between you and your dog.

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